The Academy of Music’s Girls Choir, Esbjerg was established at The West Jutland Academy of Music ( in 1983 and is run by Lone Gislinge, teacher at the Academy. The Choir numbers 40 girls aged 12 to 20 from in and around Esbjerg. Once a week the girls meet at the Academy to practise, and for a short time they become a part of the environment. Over the years this has had a motivating and dynamic effect on the way the Choir has developed, resulting in all sorts of exciting work in collaboration with students and teachers alike.


The everyday life of the Choir is characterised by the girls coming together and working at the weekly practice sessions. The main purpose is to stimulate the girls’ curiosity about the many different forms of musical expression, so that they develop their love of singing, their musicality and their sense of working together. It has always been a matter of importance to preserve the Danish song and music traditions, and, using this as a foundation, explore the many different music genres.


The Choir has travelled to, and given concerts in, many countries in Europe, the USA, Canada, South Korea, China and Uruguay. On these trips a number of contacts have been made with choirs from abroad, and often the Choir receives return visits in Esbjerg. The large number of trips and exchanges has given the Choir a chance to present Danish musictradition and youth culture, and it has also served to give the girls a great insight into foreign culture and ways of living, one that would have been difficult to obtain otherwise.


Visits to and from other girls’ choirs in Denmark have led to many meetings where the choirs have enjoyed musical gatherings and got inspiration for the daily work in the choir.


In the National Children’s Choir Competition the choir has won First Prize three times and has always finished with a high place in the Finals. In “World Choir Games” in China 2006, the choir achieved a silver medal. The choir did also take part in 10 transmissions of the TV-program “Before Sunday”, 2 portrait programs and 7 documentary-programs of the choirs travel to China.


The Girls’ Choir of the Academy of Music has released the albums, “Tit er jeg glad” (1994), “Plys” (1998); “Let the sunshine in” (2001), Salmer og Sange” (2001), “Lysvår” (2005), “Dejlig er Jorden” (2005) and "Midsommer i Danmark" (2010).


Lone Gislinge is lecturer at The West Jutland Academy of Music since 1980. She teaches the subjects eartraining and children’s choir and has been the conductor of The Academy of Music’s Girls Choir since its start in 1983. Conductor of The Boy’s and men’s Choir of The Holy Trinity Church, Esbjerg, since 1990, and is also an instructor at choral festivals and on courses for conductors.